Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Mission & Submission Guidelines

In ancient Greece, a ‘symbolon’ (from Greek symbállein—to put together) was a means for persons to recognize each other. An object, such as a piece of parchment, was cut in half and only if the two halves fit together were letters delivered or messages given to unknown recipients.

German philosopher Martin Heidegger, along with others, also wrote of this term in regard to poetry. When writing to Stager about Morike’s poem “Auf eine Lampe,” he called attention to the way in which the lamp within the poem united the sense of radiance and the poem's overall manifestness of an Idea. The true essence of the work was hence able to be revealed through the poetic symbolon.

The newsletter Symbolon does not possess the lofty aspirations of somehow more fully illuminating the Ideals of the works found within it; however, if reading any poem in it does help someone become better informed about it or its poet, all the better.

The mission of Symbolon is to help better distinguish the writing of those contemporary poets living in or connected to Michigan so that through a familiarity we may be better situated to support their work.

A bi-monthly newsletter, Symbolon will be published and distributed via a email to all those interested in receiving it. An archive of each issue will be housed on this corresponding weblog. Contributors will be automatically added to our emailing list and receive five print copies of the issues in which their work appears. For those subscribers who prefer print, a hard copy mailing list will be established as well.

This unique distribution system will allow us to keep the production costs of Symbolon low while still advancing our ability to connect (to fit together) poets from and associated with Michigan.

Anyone seeking more information about Symbolon may email us at We welcome submission of new and previously published poetry (provided information about its original publication is included) on an on-going basis. Please send no more than five poems per email and no more than one email per submission cycle:

February Issue
Submit work December - January

April Issue
Submit work February - March

June Issue
Submit work April - May

August Issue
Submit work June - July

October Issue
Submit work August - September

December Issue
Submit work October - November

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